Where did they come from?

The search for the uptime cure began in the early days of our civilization. Doctors, scientists and also priest tried to find the cure however they all failed miserably since the treatments they came up with are of no value to the modern medicine. The only „old“ school of medicine, that is still being used widely, is the Chinese medicine. We all heard the stories about how rhino’s horn can cure AIDS and how melted paws of tiger make your penis hard for days. None of it is supported by any science and it was all debunked several times that for example crushed ivory doesn’t have a healing power.

Rather go and buy a pill

Pills for erection are easy to use and are the best the modern age can offer to those who are suffering from ED syndrome. The efficiency and effectiveness of these pills is more than 80 %, so it exceeds the Chinese medicines in every aspect AND you don’t get to be responsible for endangering another species on this planet, which always feels nice when you finish your act with your erection hard as a stone! You will maybe even go for a second round.